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Solutions for online merchants in the EU

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Infrastructure for the online merchants in the EU

In accordance with credit card processing regulations and AML policies, Prague Financial Advisory Services s.r.o. ("PFAS") formalized suitable solutions for merchant companies designed to ensure compliance with European authorities' requirements and regulations.
PFAS are aware of the difficulties of managing business entities in the EU, opening accounts with various banks and maintenance of those accounts once opened. Our team at PFAS are dedicated to various issues which merchant companies face in their organization and establishment and we employ our utmost efforts to find solutions.

Our services are defined according to the following parameters:

Companies and Services

01. Consultation on the establishment of a company in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia.

02. Advice and guidance on locating and engaging suitable individuals to assist with the operations of the business within the EU.

03. Referral of suitable individuals for appointments within the companies' operations as necessary.

04. Provision of legal and notarial work re: the establishment and maintenance of the companies. Requisite documentation is translated officially into English and apostilization and notarization of documents where required.

05. Assistance with locating and securing an exclusive business address [seats of the company] and mail forwarding of all correspondence to the merchant.

06. Accountancy services and yearly reports, including preparation of all paperwork needed for audits and regulatory authorities.

07. Preparation of all the legal documents, including agreements between the involved parties.

08. Assisting the companies with compliance and risks including without limitation, management of KYC relating to each company and individuals appointed for the companies' operations.

09. All the administrative work relating to the companies’ daily life.

10. Banking relationship management - opening of bank accounts and maintenance thereof.